BrightTonix Y10 Teeth Whitening

BrightTonix is the safest and fastest teeth whitening and oral anti-aging experience that has been developed from an innovative and groundbreaking technology which employs a low power radiofrequency (RF) to remove stains from the teeth enamel and rejuvenate the oral cavity in a relatively short period of time.  

Here’s How it Works 

At your appointment, the clinician will dispense the Y10 whitening toothpaste onto the BrightTonix mouthpiece before fitting the mouthpiece onto your teeth. The mouthpiece is attached to the BrightTonix device which will send low level RF waves into it. This RF energy will interact with the toothpaste, charging its molecules to collide with the stains on your teeth. 

The toothpaste molecules will chemically bond with the stains to form a chromophore which will be peeled out of the tooth’s enamel, leaving your teeth noticeably whiter. You get to see results immediately after treatment! 

Choose BrightTonix for the Safest, Most Visible Teeth Whitening 

 BrightTonix is: 

  • Safe 
  • Painless 
  • Visibly effective 
  • Supported by leading dentists 
  • Requires no downtime 
  • Requires no post-treatment home care 

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